Saturday, January 8, 2011

Journal SCIENCE Reports Women's Tears are a Turn-Off to Men

According to one small and as-yet unreplicated study reported in the journal SCIENCE, the scent of women's tears lessen men's states of sexual arousal.

Experimenters had women cry into buckets (kidding--into test tubes, of course. This is science, after all!) and then put those tears on damp pads which they then placed under men's noses. Men self-reported lesser states of arousal as compared to when pads with a saline solution were placed under their noses.

Scientists are very interested in studying tears cried from emotion pain because they haven't yet established a clear evolutionary reason for them. What's the point in crying?

Well, this group of scientists have offered some weak and, in my radical feminist mind
chauvinistic, conclusions. Most notably, that women obviously cry more while we're menstruating as a signal to men that we're not fertile at the moment, so don't even try. Hmm...a lot of bizarre assumptions being made there. If I were around these scientists while I had my period, I might just get a little stabby.

And I think the result of this study might have been a little different if the subjects actually got to SEE these women while they were crying. Call me a sick freak if you want to, but I think a woman in tears is incredibly alluring. Woman are gorgeous when they're crying. Even when it's that mascara-drizzling ugly-cry. It's the emotion, I think, and the intensity of it that gets me.

But, hey, I don't have a man's body chemistry and I won't pretend I do. I'm just one more freaky queer chick with a crying fetish. Though, I must admit, I love seeing men cry too.

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  1. Also, is it just me, or does that crying clown girl remind you of Bjork?