Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Free Boxing Classes in Toronto for Survivors of Violence

I just watched a great show called "foQus" (the Q is for Queer) on my Rogers cable channel here in Toronto. They had a segment about Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club. Tempting, I must say. I've never wanted so badly to be punched in the face!

But what I wanted to share right away with the lovely people of the blogosphere is that Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club offers a FREE program to women and trans survivors of violence. Isn't that the most wonderful thing you've ever heard? The program is called "Shape Your Life" and...well, instead of trying to describe it, I'll use the words from the club's website:

** SYL and the Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club are proud to be one of the partners working with the 519′s program Healthy Transactions, a new active healthy living program just for trans youth. For more info on Healthy Transactions click here: Healthy Transactions

Shape Your Life (SYL) provides women and trans survivors of violence with an opportunity to participate in a recreational boxing program. Physical exercise, reducing social isolation, exploring healthy aggression and expressing anger in a safe place can help survivors heal from violence and regain control over their lives. Shape Your Life aims to empower survivors by building self esteem and community through the sport of boxing.

SYL is about feeling strong, having fun and trying something new! The SYL boxing classes are designed for beginners and are held at the Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club once a week. Each class is two hours long.

This is a free program. Equipment, TTC and free snacks are provided.

To join: If you are interested in joining Shape Your Life please contact: The SYL coordinator – Jen at shapeyourlife2010@gmail.com or call 416.787.1481 – Registration for the next SYL session opens on October 20th, 2010.

If you live around Toronto, you're female or trans, you're a survivor of violence, and this opportunity appeals to you (or if you know someone who fits these criteria and might be interested) here's the link to their site: http://shapeyourlifeboxing.com/

Big Empowered Hugs!


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  1. Giselle, while the exercise and commoraderie may be healthy, Your support of the issue is to be admired, but I'm inclined to feel that violence isn't the answer. I realize the world is a difficult place however, and some feel that physical prowess will save them. I'm not sure.
    Joy Held