Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Perfect Timing for the Crap Alligator

Ever notice how, just when something great unveils itself before you, a big crap alligator comes up to bite you on the ass?
Oh, wait...I just remembered my New Year's resolution to be more positive and optimistic. So, I guess I could turn that statement around to say that any time something rotten happens, you can trust that something great is just down the road.

What am I talking about? Excellent question. Maybe I'll get around to answering it by the time this blog post is done.

Kidding. Here's what I'm talking about: I got a WONDERFUL review from Sally, the Bibrary Bookslut herself. She reviewed two of my transgender stories, Third Rail and Red Satin.

Of Red Satin, she says, "This is a wonderfully romantic little story of newly-discovered identities and re-discovered love. [...] I think what struck me most about the story was its honesty and its realism. There are no elements of exaggerated fantasy, just the sincere coming together of two friends who are tentatively entering the next stage of their relationship."

Of Third Rail, "This is a story liberally sprinkled with eroticism, but deliberately immersed in the monotony of everyday life. It’s almost comic in how the two lovers bounce between lust and life, between the sensual and the mundane[...]"

Yay! Happy me. But wait, there's more!

Notice how I've linked Third Rail to somewhere you can buy a copy, but I haven't linked Red Satin? Well, that's because only a few days after I got this lovely, heartwarming review I also got a reminder from my publisher that my contract was up on Red Satin. What does that mean? It means you can't buy it anymore. It's no longer on the market.

Crap. Alligator.

It's nobody's fault. It just happened that way. Great review comes out, contract expires. Crap Alligator.

But guess what? I get to finish off this post on a positive note, because the wonderful people at loveyoudivine Alterotica have agreed to reissue Red Satin as part of their TransFix line. This makes perfect sense, since the sequel to Red Satin (The Night Before Red Satin Christmas) has already been published by lyd.

So YAY again. Take that, crap alligator.

Ah, and if you'd like to read the entire reviews of Red Satin and Third Rail at Bibrary Bookslut, here's the link:

Big Hugs!

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