Thursday, January 6, 2011

Donuts & Desires on Queer Canada Blogs

Sometimes it's the little things that give me the biggest smiles. Today I'm smiling because this blog (Donuts & Desires...that's where you are right now, in case you didn't know) has been added to the blogroll at Queer Canada Blogs.

What is Queer Canada Blogs? According to their site:

Queer Canada Blogs refers to queers living in Canada as well as Canadian queers living elsewhere. The origins of this blogroll are rooted in a desire to find and promote local queer voices. Regardless of how we feel about what it is to be Canadian and/or queer, we believe that our lives as queers are heavily influenced by this country: Its cultures, landscapes, and politics. Whether overtly or as an undercurrent, we use our blogs to negotiate and celebrate the complexity of our identities.

If you're interested in following queer Canadian blogs, I'd say Queer Canada Blogs should be your first stop! At a glance, their blogroll includes a "Bookish Butch," "a queer family grows in redneckville," a "Dead Robot" (aww...poor robot), "Queer as Fuck," "The Naked Black Guy" (yikes!), "A Life about Transition," "My journey with AIDS...and more!" and "Daily Life of a Gay Escort in Montreal."

There's great reading to be done in Canada, and I'm delighted to be on the list!

Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Giselle! And thanks for blogging... I too am delighted that you're on the list.

    For any of your readers, I'd also like to say that we're always looking to add more blogs written by Canadians or folks in Canada who identify as trans, gay, bi, lesbian, queer, two spirited, genderqueer, or are otherwise "othered" by their sexual and gender diversity. Send your suggestions to!

  2. Yah! Welcome to the club, Giselle. :)