Thursday, June 9, 2011

#LHIFTB Discipline Bi Consent

You see so many disembodied male's refreshing to see a disembodied male hand on a book cover. LOL
Title: Discipline Bi Consent
Author: D. Sullivan

Blurb: Abbey Willows, eighteen, takes a beating from her parents and gets kicked out for breaking a house rule. She flees to her new girlfriend Jennifer LaHarris, a twenty-six year old paralegal with a history of moving too fast in relationships. Jennifer reluctantly allows Abbey to move in with her.
Their relationship grows as they both work to keep the past from staining the future, and they both discover the love of spanking. The problem is neither likes to give it. They turn to the Internet. When they can’t find a lesbian to spank them, they finally hook up with a gay guy. On the first meeting, the guy, Danny, turns out to be a paralegal Jennifer knows from another law firm. With trepidation, they all agree to a spanking session, knowing Danny’s never spanked women before. The session creates mutual lust and brings out bisexuality hiding inside.

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