Thursday, June 16, 2011

#LHIFTB The Sybian Club

(Is that like The Breakfast Club? Or The Fist Wives Club? Or The Joy Luck Club? ...yeah, I didn't think so... LOL)
Title: The Sybian Club
Author: Selena Kitt

Tasha convinces her husband, Max, to buy her a Sybian, but he only agrees if she can come up with a business plan to pay for it. Determined to keep her promise, she creates The Sybian Club and begins bringing women to the basement room set up just for her new toy. It becomes so popular, she has to enlist the help of new friend, Ashley, to keep up with the demand, and the women enjoy an exciting ride as the business thrives. But Tasha has developed feelings for Ashley, and doesn’t know how to tell her husband that she wants to add more to their sex life than just a new toy…

Warnings: This title contains erotic situations, a menage a trois (MFF threesome), lesbian and anal sex and a "marital aid" that will put vibrators to shame!

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