Friday, June 10, 2011

#LHIFTB Fallen Soldiers

I couldn't manage to copy the cover of this well-received bi book to post here, but you can view it by clicking the Amazon link below:

Title: Fallen Soldiers

Author: Jacqueline Applebee


Love can bring you home, no matter where you are. For Sarah, love spans the barrier of death, to bring two fallen soldiers back to the present.

Ernest and Albert are ghosts, each freed from statues that held their essence by Sarah, who possesses an amazing ability, unknown to anyone including her.

Sarah's boyfriend Leo has rejected her, and now all she wants to do is to lose herself deep in the English countryside, but instead of solitude, she finds an erotic adventure, and so much more.

When one of her friends mysteriously disappears, Sarah has to learn how to fight for the people she cares about, and finds an inner power that makes her strong enough for any challenge. She is rewarded for her bravery by the love and support of her lovers, both living and undead.

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Jacqueline Applebee
Love really is infinite

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