Monday, June 6, 2011

#LHIFTB Stopped for Speeding

When I was contemplating Donuts & Desires' "Let's Hear it for the Bis" celebration of bisexual fiction, one of the first people to spring to mind was my fellow loveyoudivine author, David Sullivan:

Stopped For Speeding
Author: David Sullivan
Blurb: Gorgeous motorcycle officer, Claudia Anderson, stops salesman Gavin Staffley for speeding. His wise-assed one-liners get him out of the ticket, but she gets into his heart. Later, at a restaurant, he runs into her and her equally-attractive significant other, Trey Vissick, also a cop. A friendship grows between them and Trey invites Gavin on a police ride-along. On a routine traffic stop, Trey is attacked by the three occupants and Gavin saves his life. Their friendship expands as social walls slowly crumble and deeper intentions leak out. The old saying, "In jest there is much truth" plays itself out. Will it lead to an arresting or a captivating scene?
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