Monday, June 27, 2011

UPDATE: Revised Call for Newbie Writers

Hello Monday (and people participating in Monday--I know it's always tempting to bail on this particular day of the week),

Remember how I posted a call for submissions from Sommer Marsden, in search of Newbie Writers? I think it was last week or so, but the days, they bleed together. Anyhoo, she's revised her call. Here's the updated version:

What I've decided regarding the newbie call...(and please pass this on if you passed on the original call for subs, thank you! :D )

I think I'm going to open this call to writers who have never been published or have had their first sale (paid or otherwise) within the last year. I've heard from several folks that intended to submit to me and since staring a story they have made their first sale (Mazel, by the way!). So, I sat and considered the length of time I considered myself a 'newbie'. And I can honestly say that I considered myself green for the first year. I was constantly asking questions, fucking up or having some kind person guide me in the right direction or help me fix an error or hone a skill. So, I'll pay that forward and be as fair as I can while still focusing on new writers.

New call will be for newbie writers either unpublished or freshly published within the last year (so let's say June 2010 is the cut-off. If you were published before that, then please wait for my next call). Beyond that, the call remains the same. Which is:

REVISED Call for Submissions

I want newbies, youngbloods, fresh meat, green around the gills

I am looking to put together another mini anthology. But this time, I want the writers that no one has had a taste of yet. Virgin blood. So you may submit to this anthology only IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED OR FRESHLY PUBLISHED WITHIN THE LAST YEAR (please see note at the beginning of this post).

So what next?

Dirty stories from 2,500 and up (nothing over say 5K please) are eligible. Topics are open except the standard no-no's. Which I will spell out since you are new.

~~~~>No sex with the underaged (under 18), animals (shifters don't count), dead things or people (barring undead supernatural creatures). No scat. No snuff.

FORMAT: Word .doc or .rtf format if you must, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point, set at .5 indentation for first line of the paragraph only. PLEASE DO NOT USE HARD TABS.
*If you do not format correctly, I will skip reading your entry no matter how good it is. Why? Because I'm super busy and if you sub to a publication, you need to follow the rules. Capiche?

Here's the most important part: PLEASE POLISH YOUR WORK. Read it, put it away. Read it again and put it away. Then read it out loud to yourself. Seriously. Your ear will hear your errors. Do I expect it to be perfect? No, said the woman who once put "He stroked her cheese" instead of "He stroked her cheek." I do not. But I do expect you to make it as close to perfect as you can.

DEADLINE: August 31, 2011. Release date is up in the air. If that bothers you, don't sub. This (as of right now) will be an ebook put out by my little press December Ink.


I'll be using 10 stories max. December Ink takes 25% of the cut, the remaining 75% is split evenly among the ten contributors and each will receive an ebook copy (print too if it ever goes to that). You could make a bunch of money. You could make hardly a thing. I ask for 3 months exclusivity and then you are free to go ahead and sell your work elsewhere.

Your work stays in the book as long as it's for sale, and that means you receive royalties as long as it's for sale.

Submissions should be sent to marked SUBMISSION: [YOUR TITLE] BY [YOUR AUTHOR NAME]
In your email please put:
Your name
Your pen name
Your mailing address
your contact email
A short bio

Good luck! Any questions can be sent to the same email addy. :)

And now I really and truly am going to bed. I was under the weather, then climbed back on top of it, and now it's winning again. Damn weather.


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