Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#LHIFTB Tailor Made/Coming Together: As One

I couldn't be happier to plug this story by DC Juris. It appears in an awesome altruistic anthology you should definitely check out--my MFFF menage story "Cunning Little Vixens" is actually published in this antho, too!
Title: "Tailor Made" featured in the "Coming Together: As One" anthology
Author: DC Juris
Blurb: Daniel is thrown for a loop when he learns that his boyfriend Trevor isn't gay - he's actually bisexual and married to boot! Convinced of the love he shares with Trevor and that Trevor's wife, Kate, is on board, Daniel moves in with them. But what happens when Daniel starts to yearn for Kate too?

All proceeds from the sale of this volume will benefit ONE, the campaign to end global poverty!

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Daniel rounded the corner of Fitch Street, enjoying the crisp morning autumn air, and looking forward to a wonderful day ahead of him. Lunch with his boyfriend, Trevor, a movie after, and then a lazy night in by himself. Too bad Trevor couldn't join him, but…

Daniel stopped in his tracks, his lips curling up into a happy smile. Speaking of Mr. Perfect! Trevor was inside Tarts, one of their favorite restaurants, seated in a booth with a young woman. Must be his sister; Trevor had said she would be in town. Daniel took a step forward, intending to go inside and give Trevor a playful piece of his mind for not introducing him sooner.

But then Trevor did something Daniel didn't expect. Would never have expected. Trevor leaned across the table and kissed the woman. French kissed. Definitely not his sister.

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