Friday, January 24, 2014

Look what ka-thudded through my mail slot today

Hmm. That sounds dirty.

Anyhoo, remember the other day how I said I was expecting Best Bondage Erotica 2014 to ka-thud through my mail slot and instead it was Kristina Wright's XOXO?

Well, today Best Bondage Erotica 2014 took its turn:

I'd seen the cover before (love it) but hadn't realized the woman had on neon pink and green nail polish. I love it even more now.

I don't wear nail polish, as you can see. But that's my story. You can read about my inspiration here:

I'm just looking at the back cover, and one of the stories mentioned is Annabeth Leong's "Eel."  I just can't get over how weird that word looks. "eel" looks normal. "Eel" just looks strange.  And now I'm wondering if there's an eel in her story, and remembering the episode of Frasier where he and Niles buy a restaurant and Daphne smacks an eel.

Seems I'm getting a little off-topic, here, so let's just leave it at this: I have Best Bondage Erotica 2014 and you don't! (Sucks to be you!)  But if you want to get your (nail-polished? not nail-polished?) hands on a copy, it's published by Cleis Press and available from.... these places:

Kindle ebook edition
Amazon UK
Nook ebook edition



IndieBound (find your local independent bookstore)

Cleis Press

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