Thursday, January 9, 2014

Voted Most Likely to Fail Miserably

You write a book.  You think it's amazing.  There's so much of YOU in it.  There's so much truth and life and you're sure it's going to fly off the shelves.  And then... it doesn't.

You write another book. You like it.  It's good.  There's nothing wrong with it, but maybe it's not so YOU and definitely more fiction than autobiography.  And guess what?  It's a hit!

In a new series here at Donuts and Desires, my fellow authors will be telling us about books they were sure would be a hit, but weren't.  On the flip side, we'll get to hear about books that ended up selling unexpectedly well.

One problem: I can't seem to think up a name for this series. What should I call it? Any ideas?




  1. The Spanish Inquisition? Because you never expect... (no, I won't actually suggest a Monty Python reference).

    Surprises in Publishing? Readers v Writers? Slapped (Down or Up) by Sales? Sales Figures Are a Cruel and Unpredictable Dom/me?

    That's what I've got at this early hour :) Good luck!

  2. How about "Trials and Triumphs" or "Drags and Delights"

    Yes, I do have a thing for alliteration . . . :)