Saturday, January 25, 2014

#MySexySaturday Frankie Steps Up

Lexi Wood has taken over My Sexy Saturday (and a goodly part of my life--oy!). Everybody's favourite sock puppet would like to tempt you with 7 paragraphs from her newest taboo erotic ebook, Frankie Steps Up.

Frankie’s kind of a nerd. Okay, full disclosure: he’s a HUGE nerd. Everyone in his graduating class teases him relentlessly. That’s why he’s shocked when Leslie, leader of the mean girls, steals his phone to put her number in it.  Little does he know the girls have orchestrated a cruel trick: they’ve sent a nasty sext to Frankie’s stepmother, pretending to be him. How will Frankie react when he gets home to find his sexy stepmom is up for anything?

Thanks to Lexi, here are 7 paragraphs from Frankie Steps Up:

His stepmother shot him a pouty smile.  “Oh, my little love, I don’t want you going off to college without knowing how to treat a girl.  Women can smell inexperience on a man, and it doesn’t matter how much cologne you pile on top of it—that scared scent never goes away.”
“What are you saying?” Frankie’s cock throbbed so hard it was starting to give him a headache. “Like, if I get laid now I won’t stink anymore?”
His stepmother circled her hands around her breasts, teasing her nipples while she talked to him.  “When a young man is confident in his sexual prowess, I’m telling you, Frankie, the girls can’t keep their hands off him.”
Frankie crawled a little closer.
“So let me show you how it’s done, young man. And then you’ll know what you’re doing, and you can go out and show the girls a good time.”
He couldn’t refuse.  He couldn’t resist her.  It wasn’t his idea to fuck her tits in the first place, but now that the idea had been planted in his head, he couldn’t shake off his deep desire.
His cock led the way. When he straddled his stepmother, it pointed up on the diagonal, toward the headboard.  He grabbed it with both hands.  He wouldn’t need to guide his erection—it knew what it was doing.
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