Monday, August 6, 2012

Cheeky Spanking Stories: Review Copies Available

It's a holiday here (I'm not sure which holiday it is--we always just called it "Civic Holiday" growing up, which corresponds to Caribana weekend in Toronto) so it's been kind of a lost day for me. Lots of family stuff.  Family stuff seems to be taking over as older relatives require more care and attention... but that's a story for another day.

Quickly, I just want to mention I got an email from everybody's favourite cupcake Rachel Kramer Bussel about an upcoming anthology called "Cheeky Spanking Stories."  (Great cover, huh?)  Apparently she's got some review copies available, so if you're interested here's the deets from Rachel:

If you know anyone who'd like to review it on Amazon, I'd be happy to send them a free copy, provided they review it within six weeks of receipt. They can email me directly at this address (eroticspankingantho AT gmail DOT com) with their mailing address.

So there you go. If you want a free copy and can commit to reviewing on Amazon, do enquire using the address above.  Here's the table of contents: 

Table of contents and Introduction:
Introduction: The Very Varied World of Spanking Delights
The Perfect Dom Lucy Felthouse
Birthday Boy Cecilia Duvalle
Unwrapping Craig J. Sorensen
The Assignment Donna George Storey
A Game of Numbers Kiki DeLovely
Mermaid Teresa Noelle Roberts
Butch Girls Don’t Cry Giselle Renarde
Echo J. Sinclaire
Bitch Elizabeth Silver
The Price of Experience Kate Dominic
The Spanking Salon Elizabeth Coldwell
The Impact of Change Maggie Morton
Writer’s Block Evan Mora
Lessons Learned Jade Melisande
Invitation to a Spanking Andrea Dale
A Timely Correction Dorothy Freed
Spanking the Monkey Cynthia Rayne
Shine Shanna Germain
Papers to Grade Thomas S. Roche
Lean on Me Adele Haze
Proxy Lucy Hughes
Bad Boy Isabelle Gray
Marks Rachel Kramer Bussel

There's also a Wordpress site:

And here are the links to Cheeky Spanking Stories on Amazon:  and Kindle: 

That's it for now. Spanks a lot!

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