Friday, August 10, 2012

New Anthology! Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition

Yesterday I announced a new friends-become-lovers anthology called Lover Unexpected: Manlove Edition.  That one's already a bestseller at ARe, Amazon, and Amazon UK.

Well, today its lesbian counterpart hits the market, and I am so excited about this book.  I really love my story "Marilyn in the Middle," about a woman whose best friend and long-term crush is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe.

Jasmine's tired of playing second fiddle to a dead woman, but she's so in love with her best friend Innes that she doesn't have much choice.  Jasmine just has to deal with Innes's obsession with Marilyn Monroe.  There are Marilyn Monroe posters and framed photos all over Innes's walls.  Innes has even decided to dye her hair platinum blonde to be more like the object of her affection.  When Innes asks if Jasmine will do the honours, of course she agrees.  But can Jasmine colour her dearest friend's hair without giving in to temptation, or will Innes's flimsy robe and alluring air put her over the edge?

Here's an excerpt from "Marilyn in the Middle": 

Innes caught me staring. 

 I couldn’t help it, really. There was just so much to look at. 

“She’s gorgeous, don’t you think?” Innes following my gaze to the huge cluster of Marilyn Monroe prints hanging over her TV. “If you ask me, she’s the most desirable woman there ever was.” 

“Can’t argue with that,” I said, even though I could have. 

I could have said, “I know one woman who’s miles more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe.” 

Innes would have looked at me funny and hesitated before asking, “Who?” 

Then I’d move in so close she would flinch. I’d wrap my arms around her curvy middle and say, “You, Innes. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on.” 

I would kiss her, then--our first kiss, at long last! Whether she'd kiss me back or pull away I really wasn't sure. That's what had held me back all these years. To me, a kiss was a point of no return. From there, a relationship began or a friendship ended. If I were to kiss Innes, everything would change. For better or for worse.
Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition is now available from Evernight Publishing, All Romance, Amazon, Rainbow Ebooks, and more!

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