Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Probably Shouldn't Say This...

...but McDonald's and I have something in common.

I only go to McDonald's for one reason: free coffee.  I don't buy anything there.  I haven't eaten at McDonald's in almost 20 years.  But every time they have their "free coffee" offer, I'm the first one in line.

The other day, while I was ordering my free coffee from the cute girl who always flirts with me (swear to god!) I started wondering if they mind people like me.  It's not like the cashiers work on commission.  Do they care that I'm ordering one free coffee and that's it?  Do they think I'm cheap?  Am I annoying them?

I can't answer those questions.  McDonald's staff is always very pleasant with me (especially flirty girl), so I have no idea if they mind me getting something for nothing.

What I DO know is that when I offer a product for free, I want everybody to take advantage.  I'm not talking about piracy and people stealing my books, of course--writing is my livelihood, and the more people steal my work, the harder it is to pay my rent. (And, trust me, as a full-time writer, paying my rent is hard enough as it is!)

I'm talking about free stuff like my ebook 6 Erotic Shorts.  That mini-antho is free because I want readers to have it.  It's available for everyone.  It's there for you, at a variety of e-tailers.  I'm not sitting here thinking you're cheap if you download it.  That book, and any other book I might offer for free, is a gift to readers.  From me to you.

If I were to guess, McDonald's free coffee marketing technique probably assumes that some of the people who pick up a freebie will get a taste for it and come back again to buy it at full price. I haven't done that yet, but who knows?  Maybe one day I will.

Maybe some of the readers who pick up a free copy of 6 Erotic Shorts will go on to buy more of my books.  Maybe not.  It doesn't worry me either way.

Download a copy of 6 Erotic Shorts.  Enjoy it.  I'm not judging you for wanting something for nothing.  In fact, I wholly appreciate it.

It's available from All Romance:
& other retailers.

Thanks, friends!

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