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FREE READ: Prude's Failsafe Advice for Eating Ass (lesbian anilingus erotica)

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If I learned one thing after my lesbian anal fetish ebook Elementary, My Dear Kathryn was taken off the shelves by All Romance Ebooks, it's that a lot of readers get really excited about lesbian anal fetish erotica!

So I started looking around my hard drive, wondering what I could publish online for readers to gobble up for free.

The story I came across was Prude's Failsafe Advice for Eating Ass.

This lesbian anilingus "confession" was originally published in Secret Confessions: 36 Erotic Encounters.  If you love reading about pretty girls licking ass, check it out:

Prude's Failsafe Advice for Eating Ass

by Giselle Renarde

For a lot of years, I wouldn’t let anyone near my ass. Gloria changed me.

Gloria was more adventurous in bed than anyone I’d ever been with, and her encouragement boosted my confidence. When she looked at me naked, I never felt ashamed. When she trailed those experienced fingers of hers down my ass crack, I let her. I let her bend me over the bed and spread my cheeks wide. She was looking at it. Right at it. Was it clean? My heart beat fast and my breath caught in my lungs as I waited for her to make her move. The idea of my woman staring at my hole as it puckered and grasped made my head spin.

When Gloria circled the pad of her finger around my clutching asshole, I arched my back and dropped my head to the mattress. It was such a new sensation, nothing like getting my clit or my nipples played with. My body seemed to suck at Gloria’s finger, beckoning it inside. She spit down my ass crack and I trembled. The liquid cooled as it slid toward my hole, and as soon as it got there Gloria forced her finger inside.

It didn’t hurt like I thought it would. I’m not sure exactly what I’d expected or what my apprehensions were, but I felt those unnamed anxieties dissipate as my girl fingered my ass. She spit again, and the sound, the sensation, made me feel dirty in the best possible way. Her finger swirled inside of me, around and around, in and out in a lazy thrusting motion.

Her finger emerged, and suddenly her breath was hot on my hole.

I nearly jumped off the bed, swinging around to look at my girl. “What are you doing?” I asked her. In the bedroom mirror, my eyes were wide, and their shock surprised me almost as much as what Gloria was about to do.

“You’ll like it,” she assured me. “Just let me.”

At first, I felt confused. I thought I knew what she was proposing, but I wasn’t sure. “Were you going to…” I swallowed hard. “Were you going to lick it?”

She smiled, smoothing her cheek against the round globe of my ass. She looked so beautiful when she did that, her teeth gleaming white between those sensuous pink lips. When she bit my butt, I shrieked and then giggled. Her gaze was downy, but pleading. How could I saw no?

“Isn’t it gross?” I asked. “I know, I know, I’m a prude.”

The idea of her tongue coming in contact with my asshole made me squirm. What if she tasted…

“Do you have any condoms?” she asked me.

Strangely enough, I did—flavoured ones I’d picked up from the student union back in the day. She tore one from its packet and sliced it lengthwise with a pair of scissors.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

She answered by nudging the flat red raspberry-flavoured latex between my cheeks, pulling it taut. When she leaned in, the answer became obvious: she was going to eat my ass the prudish way, the only way I’d be comfortable. Gloria knew me better than anyone.

Holding the condom flush to my ass, she licked up and down my crack, teasing me, just flickering her tongue ever-so-lightly over my hole. I turned to watch, and the sight of her pretty face between my cheeks made me shiver. My asshole was going crazy now from wanting, and it puckered in anticipation of something more.

“Lick it,” I begged her. “God, Gloria, please lick my ass.” Through the condom. I hoped that would go without saying.

With a giggle and a growl, Gloria went at my hole like crazy. She licked it up and down, then swirled around in circles. She was forceful about it, too. When she thrust her tongue into my ass, my soul just about jumped from my body. I watched her do it, and still I was in disbelief. If it wasn’t for that slip of latex separating her from me, I’d never have let her do this. I didn’t mind so much, though, knowing she was tasting raspberry and not me.

Gloria made happy noises as she lunged at my ass, fucking me with her tongue. It felt fat inside me, with far more girth than her finger. As she went at me, I reached for my clit and found it engorged, my pussy dripping with juice.

I rubbed myself off while Gloria taunted my asshole, eating it hard and fast. She made me wild. I bucked against her face, against my fingers on my clit. I was so close, so close to that edge, and I knew she could put me over. She always did. Always.

Round and round in tight circles she licked my clutching asshole. Through the latex, she sucked my ass. I’d never felt anything like it. I scoured my clit with my fingers, coaxing out that orgasm sitting like a buzzing weight in my belly. When Gloria stuck her tongue inside my ass and just plain shook her face between my cheeks, I let came hard, shrieking against the mattress, shouting her name.

I’d always been iffy on ass play before Gloria insisted. I’m glad she did. Now I know how amazing it feels when a girl tongues your hole, even if it is through a layer of latex. And, because I love giving every bit as much as I love getting, I went out and bought more flavoured condoms. They work wonders when I spread my girl’s cheeks, shove my face against her crack, and lick her puckered little hole until she begs for mercy.


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