Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1 Rubber Chicken+1 Sugary Vagina+1 Sommer Storm

I love the way @AlisonTyler organizes book reviews.  I'm a slow reader.  Like... super-slow.  So reading an ENTIRE book takes me a long time.  When Alison Tyler puts together blog hops for her anthologies, she only asks readers (writers, reviewers, whoever) to review ONE story.

One story, I can handle.  And, in the case of her Sudden Sex anthology, where all stories are shorties, I can even handle three.  Since the stories are so quick (which, I must say, is my favourite kind of erotic story.  I have a short attention span.  I like a story that gets straight to the action), I decided to review a sequence of stories:

RUBBER CHICKEN by Thomas S. Roche

I chose to start here because who can resist a title like that?  This story gets right to it--just what I like.  The under-the-table crotch-rubbing at a dull banquet struck a chord with me, because grabbing in public is something my girlfriend does all the time.  And then she puts the question to me, as Melinda does in this story: "Do you want me to stop?"  Oh, that question is nearly impossible to answer!  Rubber Chicken is a great story--hot and horny.  Really made me want to fuck something.  Which brings me to the next story in this sequence...


This story was a need-to-read, again, based solely on the title.  It reminded me of the Christmas my girlfriend put this in my stocking:


Anyway, Sugar Upsets My Vagina has nothing to do with getting fucked by a giant candy cane.  The story has a dream-like quality as it describes a sex carnival.  A very visual story.  I felt like it was playing out in front of me as I read it. I can imagine this story appealing strongly to readers who appreciate big, strong alpha male types.  That's not my bag, but I still enjoyed it.

CLEMENT by Sommer Marsden

Because I love Sommer Marsden.  As a writer and as a person on the internet.  This story is short--maybe 3 pages, and they're tiny pages--but the impact is huge.  There were certain sentences--very short sentences--that gave me chills.  This is the best of short.  It does so much with so little.  A beautiful story.

Sudden Sex is edited by Aliston Tyler, published by Cleis Press, and available pretty much everywhere.

You can read more reviews of more stories via:  http://alisontyler.blogspot.ca/2013/02/what-fresh-hell-is-this.html

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