Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Fellow Apartment Dwellers (also: Stompin' Tom, kd lang, and food banks)

I know a lot of you read Donuts & Desires from across the world, but I also know that a lot of my readers are fellow Ontari-ari-o-ans. (Ontarians. People who live in Ontario. Hmm... I just realized what a weird name our province has. Ontario. Sounds like yodelling.)

Anyway, what I actually want to talk about is food banks.  Yes, again.  I know I talk about food banks a lot, but I grew up without enough to eat.  Ensuring all people (children, seniors and adults) have something in their bellies is a priority.

Today I noticed a poster in the lobby of my apartment building.  The Spring Hope Food Drive is back April 23, 2013.  I'm giving you lots of notice, here.

The Spring Hope Food Drive is an Ontario-wide effort to collect non-perishable food donations in rental buildings like mine.  Volunteers come door to door to pick up everything you'd like to give.  What service!

If you're a renter in Ontario, maybe your building is participating in this effort.  Look for signs or ask your landlord or property manager.  If they haven't signed up to join this collective effort, ask them to get involved. Here's the website:

When Stompin' Tom Connors died, his family asked people to donate to food banks and homeless shelters in lieu of flowers.  If it's been on your mind to do one of those things (or both!), here's an opportunity.

While we're on the topic, I found this clip of Stompin' Tom with kd lang in 1990.  It sure put a smile on my face:

For ideas about what to buy when you're shopping for food banks, consult my Christmas post on the topic: 

These days, I try extra hard to donate healthy foods.  Just because cheap crap is abundant doesn't mean we should be eating it, right?  And just because people are poor doesn't mean they (we) necessarily want to eat cheap crap when other options are available.  Baby food, apple sauce, 100% juice, oatmeal, flour, rice, pasta--all safe bets.  Go for stuff that's not too full of salt, sugar, and chemicals.  I know that's not easy, since salt is used as a preservative in canned goods, but... we can try.

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