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The Kink in Kinksters: The Other Other Woman

For those who like vintage clothing, adultery, and age gaps, have I got a tale for you! 

Originally published by Oysters and Chocolate, and now available exclusively in the Kinksters anthology, "The Other Other Woman" is full of surprises.  

Edith is a young exchange student type who's been working with Garret's wife.  She likes older fashions, older coiffure, and older men.  And she's insatiable, as Garret will tell you.  Hot hotel sex is their bread and butter until Edith pushes for a threesome.  Garret once confessed he'd had another affair.  Why don't they all get together and play?

Poor Edith... she's in for a big surprise...

Excerpt from "The Other Other Woman":

“Who is she?”
“Not is.  Was.”
“Fine.”  Edith wrapped her arms around Garret’s mellow middle.  Resting her cheek against his belly, she gazed at him adoringly.  “Who was she, then?” 
Garret looked away, staring at the embroidered pink roses on the closed curtains.
“Who…was…she?” Edith asked, accentuating each word with a kiss to his chest.
“I don’t see why it matters,” Garret whined, already exasperated. 
“It doesn’t matter.”  She pinched his love handles.  “I’m only asking because I’m curious.  You should tell me things—secrets, I mean.  Tell me all the dirty little morsels of life you can’t share with Cindy.”
Garret covered his face with his hands.  “I wish you wouldn’t talk about my wife when we’re in bed.  It makes me so…”
“Flaccid?” Edith teased, waggling his limp dick side to side. 
“I was going to say guilty, thank you very much!” 
Rustling her hair, which had been done up like The Andrews Sisters’ before their romp destroyed the look, Garret smiled.  Edith’s blue polka-dot sailor girl dress hung over the floor lamp in the corner.  One of her high heels had somehow wedged itself beside the television in the overbearing entertainment unit.  The other was nowhere to be seen.
Grinning at her queer retro taste in all things fashion, Garret said, “You try dating a twenty-three-year-old when you’re my age, and see how long it takes for your sexual prowess to diminish.”
“What was it this afternoon?” Edith reminisced, as though their lovemaking had taken place decades prior.  “Three solid fucks, if memory serves.”
“Three and a half,” Garret insisted.  “And I finished you off after the third round.”
“Ah, yes.  You give excellent head, I must say…”
“So, technically, that counts as four.”
“And we must always be technical about these matters,” she replied, mocking his accent.  Fetching the date book from her handbag, she jotted down 4-fuck afternoon.  “These records are for the ages.”
“Of course.”
She threw her calendar and pen across the room.  The pen landed in the shoe by the TV.  “I don’t think you’re old.”
“I never said you did.”  Garret traced his fingertips along the back of her neck.
“You never say it, but you think it all the time.”  She kissed his shoulder with lips that had once been bright red.  Her lipstick was now spread in stains across his much-loved body.  “You’re only, what, seventeen years older than me?  That’s really not that bad.”
“I never said it was.”
“But you thought it.”
She was right, of course.  Strange how someone with far fewer years of life experience could always be right about everything.
“I want to meet her,” Edith went on. 
“Meet whom?”
“Your other other woman.  Can I meet her?  Will you set it up?”
He shook his head.  Alright, so she wasn’t right about everything.  She was completely off-base with this.  “What makes you think there was ever another woman?”
“Don’t you remember?” She ran her fingers through his pubic hair.  “The first time we got a hotel room together I asked if you’d ever cheated on Cindy.”
“Did you?” he asked, realizing her paws were eliciting a positive reaction downstairs.  Maybe if he didn’t think too much about it, this would be a five-fuck encounter after all.
“Yes, and you told me you had an affair ages ago.”  She snaked her way down his body.   
“Wish I’d kept my mouth shut,” he said.  “Listen, Edith, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick.  It really wasn’t what you think.”
“We should set up a threesome.  I’ve always wanted to do another chick.”
That brought the lifeblood streaming back into his cock.  Even if Edith was completely off-base about the nature of his affair five years past, the image of he and his young mistress participating in a threesome was more than he could handle.
“Oh God, Edith, stop hovering and suck my cock, will you?”
“Only if you promise to let me meet the other other woman.”  She brushed her full breasts along his erect shaft.
“There is no other other woman.”
She didn’t buy it.  “Make the call and I’ll suck your cock.  Does she live in the city?”
“It isn’t…”  He didn’t want to explain it all right now.  “Yes.”
Picking up the bedside phone, he dialled the number.  “Hi, it’s Garret…No, I’m fine…Oh, yes, that’s right.  Well, don’t tell…Anyway, I just have a quick second, but could we get together…”
“Next week,” Edith mouthed, pressing his firm cock between her tits.
“Next week.  I’ll call you later with the details.  Oh, that’s great.  Bye, now.”
Hanging up the phone, he launched a despairing gaze in Edith’s direction.  “Happy now?”
“Ecstatic,” she replied, devouring his cock.

To find out what kind of surprise Edith's in for (and to get your hands on 9 more group sex stories), snap up your copy of Kinksters today!

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