Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kinksters is Now Available in Print!

My group sex anthology "Kinksters" has been available as an ebook for a few weeks, and guess what? *Exciting News*  Now it's available in print!

Oh, you probably knew that already, since I wrote it in the title.

Anyway, I'm still excited.

Kinksters: 10 stories of wild group sex, bisexual fun and kinky pleasures.

Kinky couples are great, but kinky groups are better!

In Giselle Renarde’s Kinksters anthology, a lesbian couple shares their anal fetish with a school friend, while a sword collector pays five young men to fulfill her sex-swing fantasy. A gorgeous restaurateur cheats with two men in one night. Three college kids take their tornado fetish on the road, and an Inuit woman faces the dreaded three-headed sea monster. There’s an all-girl waxing session, a vintage clothing enthusiast and her bisexual man candy, and a cougar with two male escorts who also happen to be angels. In Rainbow Night, three rich bitches trade husbands for an evening of cock-sucking, while a roomful of women squirt all over a tattooed beauty in Lesbukake.

Today I think I'll share an excerpt from a story I haven't yet featured on the blog.

"Rainbow Night" was first published in Best Women's Erotica 2011.  It's a first-time swapping.  Adele and Elliot never expected to spend their anniversary pantsless with four of their closest friends!

Excerpt from Rainbow Night:

“You know what I heard?” Adele asked, loudly enough to draw everybody’s attention.  “Apparently  teenagers get together for what amount to blowjob parties.  The girls all wear different lipsticks, and the boys aim to get their penises painted in every shade.”
“There’s a thing or two we can learn from kids today,” Elliot said with a smirk.  Adele smiled back at him.  He had a very kind air about him when he thought about sex.
“Not that kids should be doing it…” Hue said, at first seeming like she might write off the whole conversation as perverse.  After a sip of her lemon fizz, she changed gears.  “But the idea…the idea is…intriguing…”
Roger chuckled, setting a firm hand on Sissy’s knee.  “And I thought we were inventive in our day!”
“I don’t think that’s very funny,” Sissy said, smacking his hand away.  “Those poor girls!  Subjected to such humiliation!”
Elliot tapped Adele lightly on her the finger, and then gave her a look that seemed to say, ‘Poor Roger!’
“What do you have against cocksucking?” Hue asked the willowy blonde.  “Don’t tell me you refuse to give head.”
Sissy crossed and uncrossed her ankles.  
Roger answered for her.  “She gives it.  Under duress…”
Hue, Adele, and Elliot chuckled while Pat took a sip of scotch.  Lowering her gaze, Sissy reached for the cosmopolitan she’d placed on the table.  She mimed drinking even though it was very apparent there was nothing left in her glass.  
“Can I get you another?” Adele asked.  She liked Sissy better drunk, but for such a slight girl it took a considerable amount of alcohol to get her there.
“Oh…”  Sissy’s voice was high and strained, like she was going to cry.  “Okay…”
“Why don’t you like sucking cock?” Hue prodded, not teasing Sissy, only curious about Sissy’s hang-ups.  “Men love it, you know.  Ask your husband.  Roger, you love a good blowjob, don’t you?”
“More than anything.”
“Really?” Sissy asked, looking at Roger and then quickly looking away.  “It’s only that his thing is so big.”


Kinksters is a diverse collection, featuring menage configurations like FFF, MMF, MFMFMF, MMFMMM, all-girl group sex, and MORE! Fetishes include voyeurism, anal, underwater sex, cheating, coercion, sex for money, waxing, age gap, lipstick, clothing, swapping, squirting, wife-watching, and tattoos!

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Kinksters is published by loveyoudivine Alterotica.

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