Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Domestic Violence Resource for Trans People

I came across an online pamphlet this week, and it particularly drew my attention because--well, for a lot of reasons, actually.  Firstly, I do volunteer work with an organization in the domestic violence sector that takes an inclusive approach to the trans population, and is notably progressive on the anti-racism/anti-oppression front.

Secondly, I wrote a trans lesbian novella last year wherein one of the characters was dealing with domestic abuse. My novella is called "Friday Night Lipstick" in case anyone's interested.  Actually, two of the characters are loosely based on a cis/trans couple who were friends of my girlfriend (who is also trans, as you probably know).

Now, I should note that this publication, Domestic Violence: A resource for trans people, is written for trans people experiencing abuse in London, but I think it's a helpful read for people outside that geographic location (aside from the resources section, which lists London-based agencies).  I hope readers in Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia and all the other countries you're reading this blog from will be able to find additional resources in their area, but this is certainly a start.

In addition to addressing abuse within current intimate relationships, this publication also looks at abuse coming from former partners and family members--which, as far as I'm aware, isn't addressed very often despite how common it is.

Anyway, I'm talking too much--as usual.  This publication speaks for itself.  Have a read:


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