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FREE READ: Honey Trap (a story about deceit, adultery, and anal sex)

Honey Trap

by Giselle Renarde

When Brezida stepped out of the end stall, Jack was sitting on the leather loveseat across from the sinks. He crossed one leg over the other, resting his right ankle on his left knee. This was Jack’s signature pose when seated, though Jack was almost always on his feet.

Rising from the sofa, he followed Brezida to the frosted glass basin.  She shot him a smile as she washed her hands. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

His smirk in the mirror bordered on snide.  “Looking forward to what?”

“You know what.”  She unzipped her purse. “All evening, I couldn’t wait to lock the front door, send home the staff and wait for the owner to corner me.”

“Brezida,” Jack whispered into her hair. He hovered close behind her as she bent toward the mirror to freshen her lipstick. Even on a store mannequin, that low-cut wrap-around dress would have given him a hard-on. Oh, who was he kidding? He’d be drooling if he caught a glimpse of it on a wire hanger. The classy striped dress just barely clinging to Brezida’s flesh had beckoned him all through her shift.

Growling, he dug her tits out of her black lace bra. They were perfect. Firm but yielding. They melted into his hands as he pressed them together, watching her cleavage swell in the mirror.

“Brazilian Brezida,” Jack groaned.

“I’m from El Salvador, you ignorant low-life.”  Brezida rubbed her ass against his crotch.

Jack took in a sharp breath, and the familiar scent of her perfume filled his lungs. As she massaged his hard cock with her ass, he ran both hands down the front of her dress. “I wasn’t talking countries of origin.”

“You want a Brazilian?” Brezida lifted her skirt. “Here it is.”

She smirked, spreading her legs. Now that was an invitation!  He rubbed her pussy through the smooth fabric of that erection-enhancing dress, and she writhed against his hand.

When he plunged his fingers beneath her sheer G-string, she guided them down her baby-smooth mound and between her soft lips. Her slit was bursting with juice when he slid his fingers inside. God, he couldn’t wait to fuck her.  She’d be begging for it in a minute, but Jack liked to take his time, to tease his managing partner. He rubbed her clit, stepping back and pulling up the hem of her dress so they could watch in the mirror. Brezida let her G-string fall to the floor. Her big tits heaved as she writhed against Jack’s hand.

Her stiletto heel stabbed his toe when she pushed against him, forcing him down on the sofa.

“You just can’t wait for it, can you?”

“I can’t wait to fuck you.” Her breath was hot on his lips. “I can’t wait to feel your huge cock in my cunt. I can’t wait to throw my tits in your face and feel your tongue all over them.”

Jack could take a hint. As she fished a condom from the depths of her purse, he pressed his face into her breasts.  He could barely breathe. “God, I love your tits!”

“I love your cock,” she moaned, rubbing its drooling tip through his black slacks. She undid his belt and the fly of his pants.  Pulling his firm erection from his jockey shorts, she stroked it between her palms. “Just taking this huge thing in my hands gets me so wet.”

“Does it? Does my cock turn you on?”

“Oh yeah,” she growled, slipping a condom down the length of his firm shaft. With the snap of latex, his cock pulsed against her palm.

“How about this?” he asked, sucking her aroused nipple into his mouth.

Brezida moaned, throwing her head back so her long black hair landed against his balls. “I love that!”

“What else?” Jack asked, switching tits. “Tell me what else turns you on.”

Smacking her clit with his sheathed hard-on, she turned toward the frosted glass of the women’s bathroom door. Some figment of her imagination must have given her a fright, because she paused, distracted, staring at the brushed nickel door handle like it was about to turn.  She shook her head, sending black hair flailing. “I think we have rats.”

“What restaurant doesn’t?” he replied with a shrug. “Come on, now, sit on my cock.”

She hovered over him like she might change her mind, like she might decide she didn’t want to fuck him today after all. A keen smirk bled across her lips as she grasped the base of his shaft. Falling on his firm cock, she let it pierce her core. She cried out like its mass was killing her, and her thrill sent a shiver right through him. Pulling her close, he sucked hard on her tits.

“You want to know what turns me on?” she cried, running her hands through his hair. She spoke loudly, almost shouting. “You want to know what really turns me on, Jack Bannerman? That you’re here with me while your wife’s at home in bed. I love that you lie to her. I love that you fuck me every night after the restaurant closes and she’s totally clueless about it.”

“Yeah?” Jack asked with a breathy laugh. “Really? That gets you hot?”

“Oh yes, Jack Bannerman. Or should I say Mayor Bannerman?”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Jack gushed, warmed by her confidence. “The election’s two weeks away.”

“Oh, you’ll win it, Jack,” Brezida cried, hurling herself at his cock. Her pussy devoured it all the way to the root, until he was swimming in her juices. She was so wet her nectar streamed through his pubic hair, soaking his balls. “Doesn’t it turn you on, Jack Bannerman? Doesn’t it get you hot, knowing this whole town thinks you’re Mr. Morality? And here you are every night, getting fucked by a slut from the restaurant.”

Did it turn him on? Jack growled like a grizzly. He pressed her tits together and drove his face between them, licking them, sucking them, kissing them in a frenzy. “Brezida!” he howled, bucking up at her so she bounced in his lap. “Yeah, give it to me, you little slut. Your tits are mine!”

“Shit, yeah, Mr. Mayor. My tits are yours!” she cried, licking his ear.

“You think you can give it up around town, but your tight cunt is mine. You’re all mine.”

“I’m all yours, Mayor Bannerman!”

Releasing her breasts, he grasped her hips, holding her body still as he drove his hard cock up inside her. She threw her head back and opened her sweet red lips. Her tits heaved and fell, bouncing with every thrust he issued. As her long hair fell against his throbbing balls, Jack pressed his face against her chest, crying out.

She pulled away from him, leaning back until her hands were behind her, resting on his knees, and he couldn’t reach her nipples. “Say my name.”

“Brezida!” he cried, and she leaned forward so he could press his face into her luscious tits as he came.

Gasping, he looked up into her eyes. “Wow! That was fucking incredible.”

“Shit, yeah it was, Mayor Bannerman,” she agreed, lovingly petting his cheek as she assessed him with large hazel eyes.

Crawling from his lap, she collapsed on the sofa as Jack stood up to lose the condom and wash the tell-tale pussy juice from his pants. She tucked her tits back into her bra and arranged her dress as he headed for the bathroom door.

“You’re leaving?” she hollered as he reached for the handle.

Turning on his heels, he asked, “Do I have your permission?”

She stared at the frosted glass door, wide-eyed.

“Afraid of the rats?” Jack laughed.

Snapping back into reality, Brezida teased, “If I had an aversion to rats, I wouldn’t be fucking you every night.”

Grinning, Jack opened the door and sauntered between the tables stacked with chairs. “Hasta maƱana, Brezida.”

* * * *

Brezida waited half a minute before whispering, “Valentine? Where the hell are you, you son of a bitch?” Creeping out of the bathroom, she scanned the restaurant. “I thought for sure Jack was going to see you scurrying beside the washroom door.”

Rising up from behind the bar, the man in black jeans and a turtleneck sweater replied, “I never have to deal with this bullshit when I shoot weddings.”

“Like hell you don’t,” she scoffed. “I’ve heard all about those bridezillas. They’re a hell of a lot worse than me. So, I guess you didn’t get any shots, huh?”

“Through the frosted glass? How could I? Well, I mean, I took a few but you just look like a pair of blobs.”


“How was I supposed to know you’d end up screwing in the bathroom? You said you usually fuck on the dining tables or on the bar.”

“We do,” she said, puzzled. “Do you think Jack’s on to us?”

“Don’t ask me,” the artiste replied, fiddling with his camera before setting it down on the bar. “Why are you after incriminating photos anyway?”

“I already told Carmina; do you two never talk? There’s a rumour going around that if Jack wins the election, he’ll get his brother Paul to take over the restaurant. Paul doesn’t know shit about the business, and on top of that he hates my guts. I’ve poured too much of my soul into this place to see it crumble.”

“So, this is purely business blackmail?” Valentine asked, oozing with skepticism.

“Yes,” she replied, folding her arms across her chest.

“Nothing personal at all?”


She stared him down, but he didn’t budge. Valentine looked her over, up her legs, across her chest, through her hair. “You could model, you know.”

Brezida rolled her eyes. “Hardly! My ass is huge…” She turned to show him, giving it a little spank. The clingy fabric of her dress rippled at the attention. “But then, Carmina mentioned you were an ass man.”

“Yeah, but I’m distraught that you put your tits away,” he flirted. “I heard through the door that they’re spectacular.”

“Jack seems to like them.” Brezida shrugged, grappling with the images flashing through her mind, of Valentine fucking her doggy-style. No, she couldn’t do her sister’s guy. What a horrible thought. “Come on, Valentine. We shouldn’t be talking like this.”

“Why not?” he asked, stepping out from behind the bar. He was hard already. She could see that plain as day.

“You’re with Carmina.”


“The family would roast me like a pig if they found out.”

“If they found out what?” he asked, taking another step forward.

She bit her tongue not to say the words. If it were guaranteed Carmina would never find out, she would fuck Valentine in a heartbeat.

“I need to get some chairs out of the back,” she said, fleeing his melting stare.

When she arrived at the stack of plush dining chairs in the dark back room, Valentine was right behind her, so close she could almost feel his jeans against her dress. He moved in, pressing his hard cock cloaked in denim against her ass crack.

“Ohhh…” Brezida sighed, leaning against the stack of chairs and pressing her butt back.
“Can I feel this Brazilian I’ve heard so much about?”

He knew about the Brazilian. He’d heard everything through the door. He knew precisely which sounds Brezida made when she got fucked, knew how she talked dirty to her lover…

Taking his hand in hers, she slid it between her thighs; she hadn’t bothered finding her underwear in the bathroom, so she was totally bare right now. Valentine cupped her mound, squeezing it, planting kisses at the back of her neck. His fingers fell into her wet slit.

“Shit, that’s good!” She whispered, as though somebody might hear them.

“You like that?” he asked, his breath warm against her shoulder.

“Yeah,” she replied, pulling up her dress. His hands caressed the expanse of her flesh before he unzipped his fly. Digging through her purse, she found a lubricated condom and threw the bag to the floor. As he slid the latex on, she released her tits from their prisons of lace. “Here, feel these.”

Valentine reached around, his cock resting between her ass cheeks as he squeezed his girlfriend’s sister’s breasts. Brezida squirmed with anticipation as he fondled her tits, sliding his cock between two mountains of flesh.

“Fuck me, Valentine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she hissed. “Just do it. Just fuck me and don’t tell anyone.”

“If you insist,” he chuckled, his big cock penetrating her ready cunt.

“Shit yeah!” she cried at the feeling of that huge thing parting the engorged flesh of her pussy lips, thrusting inside her body.

As his hips pounded her rear, his hands enveloped her breasts, moulding them like clay. He pressed them together, hard, held them there as he fucked her.

“Fuck my ass!” Brezida cried. She wanted it.

“Are you serious?”

She turned her head to look him in the eye. “You don’t want to?”

Valentine’s face lit up. “No, I want to! I want to!”

“Then do it,” she cried as the boiler clicked. “Just don’t tell anybody. Don’t tell Carmina.”

“Like I would…”

His cock slid from her pleasured pussy, wet with natural lube. It worked its way up until his head was poking rhythmically at her ass. She knew how bad it was to do it like this, without loads of lubricant, but she just didn’t care. Tomorrow, when she was split and sore, she would surely chastise herself, but right now? Right now she wanted what she wanted.

Grasping her hips, Valentine pressed into her and the tip of his cock asserted itself, bullying a path inside. His cockhead seemed to grow, inflate, and expand in all directions. He was huge inside her ass, and it burned like she couldn’t take it, but she knew if she held out for ten seconds or so it would all be fine. She pushed back against him, thrust her ass at him, because she needed to feel his cock farther up inside her. It didn’t matter that it burned a little; the pleasure licked the pain until the pain became pleasure.

The heating system clicked on as Brezida pounded her ass against the man she shouldn’t be fucking. It clicked again as he whimpered and growled in alternation.

“I can’t believe you’re letting me do your ass!” Valentine fondled her tits, thumbing her nipples, squeezing. Hard.

“My ass loves devouring a big cock,” she cried as his fingers fell down to her wet slit. When he rubbed her clit, she lost it. She didn’t care about anything but the cock in her ass and the fingers massaging her.

Neither did Valentine, it seemed. He fucked her hard, whimpering and whining as a man in the corridor chuckled, “This is perfect. Keep going.”

She knew that gravel voice all too well, and she froze at the sound of it.

“Jack!” Brezida cried, her heart turning to ice.

He stood at the entrance to the darkened room, Valentine’s camera in his hands. What was he doing here? Why had he come back? And why the hell was Valentine still thrusting away? They’d been caught! It was time to face the music.

Her impulse to flee subsided as she perceived the look of pleasure in Jack’s eyes. He licked his lips, watching the contortions of her face as Valentine pumped inside her. She was getting fucked up the ass, and Jack was getting off on it! When he snapped another shot, she gripped the stack of chairs. Two sets of eyes and the camera lens loved her. Caught in the act, she bucked back against her sister’s boyfriend. Her whole body tightened up, her ass taking Valentine’s cock in a vice grip.

“Oh god!” Valentine yelped, squeezing her cheeks hard as he came.

“Thank you, my friend.” Jack addressed Valentine with utter calm. “I would shake your hand, but I know where it’s been.”

“What are you doing here?” Brezida stammered, exhausted, as Valentine slid his cock from her ass. She didn’t move from her rumpled position over the stack of chairs.

“Your sister’s going to love these shots. The best porn is homemade porn, if you ask me.” Jack clicked another picture. “You thought you could catch me in a honey trap, but if you were smart, you wouldn’t have inserted yourself into the equation. That was probably your biggest mistake, though hiring a close friend of mine to take the pictures wasn’t too wise either. Next time, do your homework.”

She could feel her cheeks turning crimson. “I’m sorry, Jack. It was nothing against you; it was just business. I wanted to protect the restaurant. We’ve invested so much of ourselves in this place.”

Pulling his pants up and fastening them, Valentine sauntered over to the corridor and stood behind Jack. He snapped another photo before she could tuck her tits back into her bra. “I know. That’s why I was planning to sign the place over to you after the election.”

Weak-kneed, Brezida grasped the stack of chairs. “You still could. We can forget this ever happened, right?”

Handing the camera back to Valentine, Jack swaggered over to Brezida and traced his fingertips down her chest. She froze as he leaned in close. “You know what I’ve only just realized?”

“What?” she stammered, greeting his burn with a fire of her own. “What is it, Jack?”

“I liked watching you get fucked up the ass even better than I liked fucking you.”

A wave of relief came over her. “I liked you watching me.”

“I loved that look on your face as Valentine shoved his big cock in your little asshole. You were hurting, you dirty little slut. I loved it.”

“I loved it too,” she whimpered, running her hands down his chest.

Taking a step back, Jack scratched his chin, looking up like he was asking a question of the rafters. “I think I will give you the restaurant after all.”


“If and only if we can put an end to our ridiculous affair. In its place, I want to watch Valentine fuck you up the ass every night. How does that sound?”

“I could definitely get into that,” Valentine said.

With a malicious smirk, Jack continued, “This is all contingent, of course, on my winning the election.”

Pulling herself up from the stack of chairs, Brezida stood tall before the two men. She cleared her throat and smoothed her dress. “Then I’ll go door to door for you. I’ll be your number one supporter, Mayor Bannerman.”

The End

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