Wednesday, March 20, 2013

You Like Free Best-Sellers, Right? (Limited Time Only)

Kobo CanadaUntil March 24th 2013, you can get The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown for free from Kobo.  I read it years ago, and I think I gave it a solid "meh" rating (couldn't understand why my sister raved about it), but if you've never read it and always thought you should/could/might one day... might as well get it for free, right?

I believe this is a world-wide offer, but not entirely sure.  Looks like Dan Brown's got a new book on the market, so I guess they're doing this promo to give him a boost, remind the reading public he exists, that sort of thing.

Click heeeeeeeere to snag your freebie. Remember--until March 24th only. Free from Kobo.

Giselle out.


  1. Read it then, same reaction - couldn't understand all the fuss, didn't think it was wonderfully written, but enjoyed the story/premise none-the-less.

  2. My sister loaned me her super-special illustrated edition. This was back when I worked in an office, so I brought it to work and read it during my lunch hour. One day I left it on my desk, came in the next day--gone. Couldn't find it anywhere.

    I love my sis but she's not the most forgiving person in the world. She insisted that I replace it with another super-special illustrated edition. Oy.