Title of Work: Candy Cane Thrills
Author Name: Roxanne Rhoads & Other Authors

A collection of five festive erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

Candy Cane Thrills By Roxanne Rhoads - Adrienne has a little Christmas seduction in mind when she dresses up in red velvet for her boyfriend Marcus. But it turns out that she's not the only one with sexy shenanigans in mind. Marcus has been thinking alone the same lines, and he has a sweet Christmas treat in store for her ... quite literally!

Re-invention By Jodie Davis - Mel's so-called lover has told her she's too old to reinvent herself. But the gorgeous Adonis who's been working in the garden doesn't seem to agree. And Mel finds that reinvention has never been so much fun!

Screwge By Landon Dixon - There's nothing as head-spinningly attractive as riches, unless it's having sex on a bedful of gold, as Ted and Helen know. But the pair of thieves haven't read their Dickens, and they don't know the dangers of stealing money belonging to a man named Screwge at Christmas time.

Christmas Down Under By Mary Borsellino - Escaping from the cold, bleak English weather to spend Christmas in Australia sounds like a fantasy in itself. But there's more to come for Mary Borsellino's narrator, as the first person she speaks to a hunky taxi driver named Alex who makes it his mission to show her all the joys of Christmas.

Sunny Side Up By Candy Bagham - Christmas has always been about the shagging for Vicki. Going abroad with her friend Donna, finding a sexy hot man or two in a sexy hot country. But Donna hasn't arrived yet, and Vicki might just have found a man she's not prepared to share.

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Naughty Christmas poem, The Night Before XXXmas

Roxanne Rhoads
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