Monday, December 20, 2010

Gifts for Twits

Need a gift for that special Twit in your life? Well, step right up ladies and germs, and pick up a pair of the hottest gloves known to Twitterdom! That's right, they're...


(Ahem...yes, but they're gloves, not mittens...sorry, what were you saying?)

According to (Hey, they're Canadian so they must be awesome!):
twittens are truly the gloves of the text generation: easily access your thumb and/or forefinger to allow for easy texting, photography and endless other things - even in the coldest weather.
Well, there you have it! Perfect for eating donuts, too. They're the gift that'll make your Christmas grand, and you can buy them...uh...hmm...well, actually the online store isn't set up yet and the only retail locations are in Belleville and London, Ontario, so...

Sorry, forget I said anything. You can't have them. You didn't really want them anyway, did you?

Oh, a wise guy, eh? nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

1 comment:

  1. Hey there! It's me ... Mr. Twittens. I just wanted to thank you for the shout out. I agree they are pretty awesome - mind you, I'm a tad biased. Stay warm and all the best, Lincoln