Saturday, December 4, 2010

FREE BOOK! Get "Gotta Have It" Now!

My favourite thing about editor Rachel Kramer Bussel's upcoming anthology Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex is...yes, it's the cat butt on the cover. I loves me some cat butt.

But you know what? This anthology is full of stories by your favourite authors. And one of my stories is in there too. (Is that joke getting old yet? I feel like it's been recycled a few times)

Anyhoo, you've got an opportunity to get this wonderful Cleis Press anthology for free. That's right--a print anthology for free! Terms and conditions apply. ;-) You'll need to have a US mailing address (sorry, my fellow Canadians! Sucks to be us) and you'll also need to review the book on Amazon by March 15, 2011. That means you need to have purchased something (anything!) on Amazon at some point in your existence. Amazon doesn't let people post reviews of products unless they've made previous purchases. That's just the way they are.

Here's how you get your free book: just email the editor, Rachel Kramer Bussel, at with your Amazon profile URL and US mailing address and ask her if she's still got any copies to give away. Don't be scared--she's super-nice. She'll be sending the books out in February 2011.

Now, what's in this awesome antho?

Introduction: Short, Sweet and Totally Sexy

Seven-Letter Word Heather Lin
No Blame, No Shame Jeremy Edwards
Wasn’t It Good? Andrea Dale
The Things a Woman Will Make a Man Do for Her Isabelle Gray
Special Collections Fiona Curtis
Wonderland Madeline Elayne
Red Light Angela Caperton
My Femme Evan Mora
Genesis Shanna Germain
Serious Moonlight Michael A. Gonzales
Too Wondrous to Measure Salome Wilde
Hors d’Oeuvre Stan Kent
Missed Connection Tigress Healy
Ties That Bind Daniel Burnell
Eat Me Marina Saint
Jarret Shane Allison
Lucky Number Fifty-One Jennifer Peters
Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler Tara Young
Spunk Sylvia Lowry
Time Cecilia Tan
Dining in the Dark Elizabeth Daniels
Downpour Elle
Need-Leash Mike Kimera
Crushed Satin Organza Carmel Lockyer
Not on the Mouth Cole Riley
Hot Buns on a Sunday Afternoon Erica Rivera
Feel the Burn Thomas S. Roche
Trixie Jen Cross
Police Dogging Elizabeth Coldwell
Tip Me Kiki DeLovely
Marxist Theory Elizabeth Hyder
The Dirty Things She Says Sinclair Sexsmith
Laughter in Hades Teresa Noelle Roberts
The Quick Stop Shashauna P. Thomas
Pain Surfer Cate Ellink
After Ten Years Christen Clifford
Over His Shoulder Maximilian Lagos
Manners Rachel Kramer Bussel
Veronica’s Ass Matt Conklin
Punishment Befitting the Crime D. L. King
Lies Kristina Wright
A Forced Witness Vampirique Dezire
Concensus Denise Hoffner
Don’t Struggle Valerie Alexander
Plotter Monocle
Intercept Burton Lawrence
Not a Bang, but a Whimper Jacqueline Applebee
Suggestion Emerald
Hands Free Effie Merryl
Remembering the Wrinkles Penelope Friday
Leaves Elise Hepner
The Copilot Mike Bruno
Pierced Kirsty Logan
Last-Time Lesbian Geneva King
Anal-yzed Donna George Storey
Independence Day Kate Pearce
Going Bald Craig J. Sorensen
Continuing Education Anya Levin
Meet Me in the Kitchen Giselle Renarde
Over the Line Helia Brookes
Not Just a Myth Heidi Champa
Hunger Maria See
The Tipping Point Lolita Lopez
The Advantage of Working from Home Kay Jaybee
For Dessert Jordana Winters
Good Neighbors Mercy Loomis
Laugh Sommer Marsden
A Good Stiff One Kathleen Bradean

Vacation Pictures Robert Peregrine

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  1. Ha! My favourite part about the cover was the cat, too! (in fact, my sister now repeatedly asks me "When does that cat book you're in come out?")