Thursday, December 16, 2010

Festive Frenzy: Holiday Auction by Vivian Vincent

Title: Holiday Auction
Author: Vivian Vincent
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Jackie is a tough as nails PR Director who's had a less than stellar reputation with men. When she's ordered by her boss to organize a holiday fund raising auction for charity, she finds herself an integral part of the auction.

The one man who brings out a different side of her turns the tables and ends up placing the winning bid. Can he win her heart? Will she realize he's exactly who she wants under her tree for Christmas this year?


Jackie was ready to give up the fight. She knew she had to conduct herself professionally in front of everyone, so she decided a more private setting would be best. Before she pulled away from Dean, she whispered in his ear, “My office, ten minutes.”

She walked away and left him standing there, a look of total shock on his face. He watched as she walked to the entrance then disappeared around the corner. He took a few steps to the nearest chair and slumped down into it, still staring in wonder at the entrance.

Jackie made her way back to her office quickly. The feeling of Dean’s body pressed against hers sent her libido into overdrive. Even though the temperature throughout the building was comfortable, Jackie felt her nipples harden and felt the coolness of her damp panties between her legs.

There was no question in her mind what would happen once Dean showed up in her office. She needed to get laid, plain and simple. She figured since Dean seemed so willing, he’d be the best candidate.

She reached her office and tossed her small clutch purse on the desk. She wiggled out of her pantyhose and panties then pulled her dress over her head to remove her strapless bra. She pulled her dress back on and tossed all the clothes onto the floor next to the sofa. She knew Dean would get the message as to what she wanted.

Jackie sat seductively on the corner of her desk with one leg crossed over the other, facing the door, waiting for Dean. She glanced at the clock on the wall, seeing more than ten minutes had passed and she briefly wondered if he would show up.

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