Friday, December 10, 2010

Festive Frenzy: A Gift of the Goddess by Bryn Colvin

Title of Work A Gift of the Goddess
Author Name Bryn Colvin
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Blurb: Tamarisk went to Avebury in search of a miracle. What she found in the Druid celebration there was a very sexy man. When a sudden snowfall makes the drive home impossible, Tamarisk knows her goddess is watching over her. Can one night in Caddellyn's camper van give her everything she needs?


The offer was just too tempting to refuse, and with the snowstorm threatening, it did seem more sensible to stay. Outside the van, the snow fell, blanketing the land.

Tamarisk ventured out after their meal to see how things looked. Her hair and eyes filled with snow, and she could see that a good two inches had already fallen. Looking at the state of the nearby road, she knew that driving back to Bristol would be beyond her. The prospect of a cold night in her car held no appeal. She might as well ask if she could sleep on Caddellyn's floor-at least he had heating, and might be able to spare her a blanket.

"What's it doing out there?" Caddellyn asked as she returned to the warmth of his mobile home.

"It's sticking. I don't know what I'm going to do."

"Stay with me."

His words sent a shiver of possibility down her spine. Stay with him. In this little van. She hadn't even had to ask.

"I'll sleep on the floor," he added.

"No, I couldn't accept that."

He turned from her, closing the curtains across the windscreen to shut out the night. The air seemed thick with tension, and Tamarisk had no idea how best to proceed. She wanted this man, wanted his strong looking hands on her body and his generous mouth pressed to hers. That might not be on offer, and she didn't want to do or say anything awkward after he'd been so good to her. He turned back to face her, his expression searching.

"You're in trouble, and I don't want to take advantage of your predicament," he said. "The bed's freely offered."

"You wouldn't be taking advantage," she said, hardly daring to breathe.

When she saw the delighted smile blossom on his face, Tamarisk took a step closer to him. Caddellyn opened his arms in an irresistible invitation to move nearer still. Tamarisk twined herself around him, pressing closer as she tilted her head back. Lips brushed against hers, tentative at first, but as she responded, his tongue teased at her. Lust flared, burning bright and fierce. She had desired him from her first sight of him. Now that his tongue moved so persuasively in her mouth, she wanted nothing more than to throw her clothes off and offer every last part of her body to him.

Caddellyn pushed her back against the small work surface, his hands covering her breasts, his kisses deep and searing. Fumbling with his clothes, Tamarisk found her way beneath them to his skin, running her palms over his warm, muscular back.

"What say we share the bed?" she whispered into his ear.

"Are you sure?"


* * *

Are you in need of a pagan alternative for the festive period? A Gift of the Goddess is a midwinter story, with snow, ritual and unexpected passion!

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